Epuron Island GP, a leading renewable energy company, plan to establish a utility scale photovoltaic solar farm in Clermont, Central Queensland, Australia.  The  solar farm site is approximately 8km west of Clermont.


The solar farm will have the capacity to generate 150MW, constructed in two 75MW phases, with the power generated to be supplied to the National Electricity Market (NEM) via a connection to the existing Clermont substation. Basically, the NEM facilitates the exchange of electricity between Generators (such as Epuron Island GP) and Retailers (such as ERGON).  Transmission lines transport the electricity from Generators to electricity distributors, who deliver the electricity to houses and businesses.


Epuron Island GP has obtained landowner approval for the solar farm, however is keen to engage with the adjoining landholders and local stakeholders prior to lodgement of the development application.


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